Updated: Apr 7

Raise your hand if you not ok but open enough to admit it. 🤚🏾

Life has its bumps and it’s hard times it’s ok to admit that you need help or you are not ok.

As a black man showing emotions seems like a sin. And in reality it’s not, yes I have cried because of being stressed. Yes I have been on the brink of breaking downs while also saying na I’m good. Knowing I’m lying and currently it’s hard for me being a entrepreneur, husband and father.

Why because money kinda low yes our bills are paid, we got gas and food in the house. But what about date nights, flowers, even a drink from corner store seems like a stretch.

Yes God is good that’s a fact! Yet at times I be like God wasup can I get a break? I clear as day I hear no. The first time I heard no I was pissed at the answer it while I was sleep God have me these sequence of dreams of me.

Most of the first few was me thriving being a entrepreneur. And I asked again God can I get a break then got the same dreams. Then one day I asked why can I see what I want but no have it. Yo!!! Clear as day I heard. If it was given to you that easy with no hard work how can you help people when they are on your position. At this point I became irritated at myself.

Here I am complaining about what I don’t have and not appreciate what I do have. What all I have accomplished between 2017 until now.

So on my days that I’m down and feeling depressed I keep pushing hard work does pay off that’s true. But did Mj, Kobe or LeBron step on the court and the next year became the best in the game? No!

They worked hard to earn all that they accomplished. They lost games they got injuries but they didn’t quit when times got tuff. Neither will I and neither should you.

Don’t doubt yourself because time are hard. Don’t give up on your dream when no one seems to see it but you.

Kobe said in a interview with USA Today

"It's important to do what you have serious interest in doing. You gotta do what you love to do.“

I took that to heart he loved basketball and you could see it in his passion for basketball and his work ethics.

It’s ok to cry.

It’s like to fail.

It’s ok to not be ok all the time. But don’t let that discourage you don’t let that knock you down. Keep grinding,keep pushing. Most importantly KEEP GOING.

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