Acceptance Part 3

My journey of acceptance took guts, love, support and a whole lot of faith. To be able to have the guts and boldness to speak about me with knowing that some people wouldn't actually like it. Love from my wife, loving myself and accepting love from others. Having the support from family friends and my biggest two fans my wife and son( even though he can't speak haha I know he supports me). And having the faith that go would lead me in the right direction and right words to say that would reach even just one person battling with acceptance.

So in Acceptance Part 1 I spoke about my deep depression how it made me push people away and retreat to a lot drinking smoking and sex. And hurting other peoples feelings because I was stuck in my own way. That depression taught me something about myself about god and about where he had brought me.

In Acceptance Part 2 I spoke about finding myself and dealing with the hurt of my childhood that I had been neglecting for years because I just didn't want deal with it mainly. This part of my life I had to let go of hurt move forward with my life and walk into the destiny which is Caleb which I am honestly just now accepting.

So for me to accept that God had put me through so much but had not let me die when I could have died being deployed could have taken my own life multiple times. Shoot I could have died in my sleep but God let me live so it has to be for something right?

well after further deliberation it does have to do with something bigger. If I would have took my own life I wouldn't be married today I wouldn't have a beautiful family and amazing son

But despite it all I'm still stand and God is still as good as he has always been. I believe if I would have never went through all of these things that I would not cherish Family, Love and friendship like I do today. All the hell that I have experienced in my life has molded me into the man I am today. A husband a father a businessman a God fearing man.